Frequent questions

What’s the process

During our optional initial consultation, we collaborate with you to devise a tailored strategy that aligns with your company’s unique personality. Our artistic director will provide guidance in defining your distinct style. This session typically lasts approximately one hour.
On a monthly basis, we offer the flexibility to adjust keywords for optimal results. In addition, we can provide comprehensive marketing reports to further support your success.
Please note that after the first three months, you have the option to terminate our services. However, given our commitment to providing cutting-edge technology at a highly competitive price, we are confident that you will find great value in our partnership.

Why using AI to generate content ?

Our proposal offers exceptional value at $600, utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) to deliver a comprehensive package that would otherwise require a team of approximately 10 full-time professionals. The cost-effective package includes:
120 high-quality images, which would typically necessitate half a day’s work for an experienced professional.
60 well-crafted articles, also requiring half a day for an expert in the field.
Website updates, layout adjustments, and social media postings, which demand the attention of a dedicated full-time staff member.
By leveraging AI, not only do we reduce the need for five full-time skilled professionals, but we also minimize errors and enhance creativity and rationality in comparison to human-driven efforts.
Should you opt to manage AI solutions in-house, you would assume responsibility for keeping the technology up to date and maintaining at least one full-time staff member to manage the output. Our unique, fully-automated approach, currently unparalleled in the market, allows us to offer such an affordable rate.

Why not ads instead ?

Organic content tends to yield higher engagement rates. Utilizing automated posting methods still adheres to the concept of organic content. Based on our experience, we have observed that a minimum of six automated posts per day can generate a greater reach than a single manually crafted post, which can also be more cost-intensive.
We also recommend boosting our organic, automated posts to further enhance the effectiveness of the campaign and maximize its impact.

Who decide the content ?

For the listed pricing of Auto Sociliaze, consultation services are not typically included. However, as an exclusive introductory offer, we are pleased to provide consultation assistance for a nominal fee of $300, which is fully refundable upon placing your first order. This limited-time offer allows you to experience the added value of our expert guidance while exploring the full potential of Auto Sociliaze for your business.

What’s the limit ?

AI-generated images can encompass an extensive array of subjects, but it’s important to note that our algorithms may not be familiar with your specific product yet, and incorporating this knowledge is not a simple task. While we can provide tailored quotations for large enterprises, we advise that AI-generated images may occasionally exhibit minor imperfections or inaccuracies in details. However, such discrepancies are generally imperceptible to customers, and a reasonable number of errors are deemed acceptable considering the volume of images produced. As technology continues to advance rapidly, these minor issues are becoming increasingly less noticeable, ensuring the continuous improvement of our AI-generated visuals.

What about copyright ?

At the time of writing, AI-generated content is considered the property of the party that prompts its creation. As such, we grant you the right to use the content we produce for you, even in the event that our contract is terminated, provided there are no outstanding debts owed to us. However, we cannot be held legally responsible for any copyright claims arising from the content we create on your behalf. In such instances, we strongly recommend that you remove the content in question. While we ensure that all content generated for you is entirely unique, it is important to note that the evolution of laws and regulations governing AI-generated content remains uncertain, and we cannot guarantee their future implications.

Do people really read or watch the content that we are creating ?

The exceptional image quality we provide undoubtedly plays a significant role in our clients’ success. However, our primary focus lies in optimizing algorithmic performance. Platforms such as Google and Facebook prioritize active profiles with diverse, niche-specific content. By ensuring your profile meets these criteria, our services effectively enhance your visibility, positioning you at the forefront of your target audience’s attention.